Glamour Photography – Discover a New, Sexy and Confident You.

Today, glamour photography is considered an unavoidable part of portfolios of professional and aspiring models. Not just models, even public figures such as celebrities and socialites use glamour shots to build a certain image and to seek popularity.

Glamour photography focuses on the models, highlighting their natural features in a way that’s both flattering and artistic. The shots highlight beauty, sexiness, allure, dazzle, fine lines and even romance. The subjects, usually female, are portrayed in erotic or exciting ways ranging from fully clothed to nude.

The idea is to capture and emphasize your best features and your natural beauty, producing striking and often sensual artistic images. Glamour photography can be done either clothed or nude. These shots almost always involves a complete makeover – hair, make-up and even clothing. The focus is on producing the most glamorous version of you.

A good professional glamour photographer knows how to transform someone who is fully clothed into a graceful, sexy and alluring goddess. The photographer uses a number of techniques to highlight his/ her model’s body and draws the model’s hidden nature out into the open using special lighting, composition, and interesting poses.

Glamour photography can be done in color or black and white. The photographs are staged in a variety of settings. Sometimes backdrops are used allowing the photographer to shoot indoors and control the lighting conditions. This may also be done to make the model feel more comfortable. But this is not a rule – sometimes glamour shots are taken outdoors and in less controlled environments.

A good photographer will be able to find the best features in any subject, from a movie starlet to a stay at home mother. People enjoy glamour photography sessions and the results because the images can make them feel better about themselves and their bodies by illustrating their natural beauty and unique features.

A classic example of glamour photography is Marilyn Monroe’s 1953 photo set for Playboy. In these shots, the props are arranged so that the effect comes across as stylish and artistic.

Glamour photography can take on many styles. The simple ones, like yearbook photos and personal profiles, are the most common. Models use glamour photos for their portfolios. Sometimes, glamour photography can also pertain to sensual photography, or photos with semi-nude, sexy or nude models.

Most of the time, though, photographers use their ingenuity and creativity, and manage to keep the photos sensual even if the models are draped with cover-ups like shawls and scarves.

Boudoir photography is a subcategory of glamour photography. It usually features romantic, intimate, and sometimes erotic images. The subjects of boudoir photography are usually people who are not professional models. For a brief moment in time, a boudoir client is a glamour model, in front of the camera, creating fantasy. This style often offers women an opportunity to explore their sexuality and sensuality through the medium of photography. They can flaunt their most alluring look with a boudoir photography session. It lets them channel a screen siren or a pin-up. Boudoir shots are sexy, private photos that a woman takes to celebrate her unique beauty, style and personality. Boudoir photography can make for a fabulous gift for a significant other. It is also a wonderful confidence boosting experience for the woman.

The boudoir shots focus on the suggestive rather than the obvious or the direct. The effect is often obtained through high-key lighting, grainy black and white and film noir-like atmosphere.

Glamour Photography

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