Glamour Photography tips for a successful photo shoot

Maybe you have heard about glamour photography from a friend or read about it in a magazine. Maybe you are just curious about what it is all about. Or, are you thinking about getting a few glamour photos done for yourself or
someone close to you? No matter what your goal is, this article will help you understand more about this form of photographic art.  Glamour photography is a form of photography and is considered by many to be a form of art by itself. It is called Glamour photography because the photographer shoots stylized, glamour photos of models. The focus will be on the model – especially the model’s looks, physical features and outfit. These photos are meant to be stylish, eye-catching and flattering.

Glamour photography focusses on highlighting the model’s looks and bringing out the model’s best features using various photographic techniques that bring out the model’s best features. When done well, the results can be stunning. These photos can transform a normal woman into a beautiful, sexy goddess. There is often a lot of creativity and ingenuity that goes into these creations.

There are many forms or styles of Glamour photography. So, whether you are looking for a simple profile photo or photos for a yearbook you, bring out your adventurous self and get a few glamour photos done. You will love the results. Professional models often use glamour photos for their portfolios. For those of you who are a of a more adventurous spirit, a form of glamour photography, known as boudoir photography will help you explore your wilder, more sensual side with semi-nude, nude or sexy photos.

How To Prepare Yourself For a Glamour Shoot

Congratulations! Now that you have decided to get your glamor shots done, I am sure you are going to love every bit of it.

Here are a few tips that I suggest you keep in mind to get the most out of your photoshoot.

Focus on your outfit:

Try out various styles – Classy, Sexy, Trendy or something that’s fun. Check out social media like Pinterest and Instagram if you feel you need some inspiration.

Visit your hair Stylist:

If possible, schedule your trip to the salon 1 – 2 weeks before you shoot. This will give you time to fix any issue that you notice after your session with your stylist. It is better not to be too adventurous and change things drastically before the shoot.  Just do a bit of trimming and refresh your color.

Get a Tan:

Start planning early whether you plan to get a natural tan or use a tanning bed. It’s better to take your time with this to get a natural look. If you are planning for boudoir shots or even a strapless outfit, keep in mind your tan lines. It’s best to avoid fake tanners as they may end up making you look weird in the photos.


Get a waxing done well in advance to ensure that any redness has faded by that time you go for your photoshoot.

Manicure & Pedicure:

Make sure that your nails are filed and your cuticles are trimmed. Your toenails also should be in good shape for barefoot pictures. Take care of your feet as well.

Eat and Drink Healthy:

Avoid junk food, salty food, smoking and alcohol to ensure that you are healthy and ready for the photoshoot. Drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest.

Apply lots of lotion:

Lotion or oil will help keep your skin moisturized. Your skin will have a natural looking glow that will show in your photos.

Shave Carefully:

Take time to take care of yourself. Shave to ensure that you look your best during the photoshoot. Ensure that you do it carefully and you don’t cut yourself.

Be Prepared:

Don’t overdo your makeup. But if you don’t want to wear makeup, consider at least a light coat of mascara and a little blush. Carry you lip gloss, or lipstick with you.

Glamour photography is a collaborative exercise. If your photographer is good, he/ she will know how to make you look amazing. So pick a good photographer and trust his/ her advice. That, combined, with the tips above will ensure that you get the best out of your decision to go for a glamour photoshoot.